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Great News for 2017!
The New, Revamped Healing Tree Network is back!

We are a high level networking organisation for professional practitioners, well trained and experienced within their field, with a commitment to developing their businesses and offering the highest quality referrals to their clients. Our ethos is to support one another not to sell to one another.

Invitations to become a member are based upon peer recommendation leading to an invitation from The Healing Tree Network.

Only one practitioner per profession will be invited to join, however additional members may be considered with a single speciality if they can demonstrate this as being their primary area of work, and no conflict will be created.

Additional members may include local businesses with a strong link to the main aims of the organisation, such as health food shops or producers, therapeutic products companies or education providers. We will also offer membership to any mainstream medical practitioners or charities who are open to the possibilities we offer.


Monthly meetings

Two out of three months, the format includes a brief introduction by each member, an in depth talk by one of our members, a moment of calm, resource sharing and networking

Quarterly, we will hold Business Mastermind Meetings where members can discuss what works and doesn’t within their business; seek support for specific areas and occasionally receive input from “gurus” on specific business challenges.

In line with most other networking organisations, you may attend up to 2 meetings before committing to full membership.  The charge for this will be £12.50 per person (booked in advance) and will include light refreshments.  Remember that once we have a full member in any discipline you will no longer be able to attend meetings, but will be placed on the waiting list for the next local group.

If you would like to visit our Amersham and Chesham group, or be placed on a waiting list for a group near you,  contact us.
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